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Save Time and Money

Drone pilots are helping the construction sector maximise profits by carrying out surveys that help companies monitor various aspects of their schemes, from the volume and precise location of materials, to the progress of work of a project, to the safety conditions on site.

Using a drone, a construction company can survey a huge area, process the data and understand exactly where all their materials are or where work might be falling behind. These images can also be used for reporting and marketing.

Without a drone, information like this can only be obtained by walking the entire site on foot taking photographs from low and obstructed vantage points, which is both time consuming, less accurate at obscure at times. In just a few minutes a drone can capture the same images and information that it might take a person walking on foot several hours to collect.

Health and Safety

Using a drone also means that no one has to enter potentially dangerous areas of a site to collect information.

Working at height is one of the most common causes of fatalities and major injuries. Using drones eliminates falls from ladders and through fragile surfaces.

The HSE advise that before working at height the employer must endeavour to avoid work at height where it’s reasonably practicable to do so.

Following an incident such as severe weather, fire or flood insurance companies typically receive insurance claims for damage to the property of those holding insurance.

To carry out assessments on these claims, insurance companies send out an insurance inspector or adjuster who will need to arrange mechanical access, attend the site and takes pictures of the property, often at high levels, for which a claim has been made. This can be dangerous, time consuming and costly.

A drone pilot can fly a set pattern over a damaged building in just a few minutes and capture all the images needed to evaluate an insurance claim for a damaged roof etc.

Both the UK Police Force and the Fire & Rescue Service use drones after disasters like floods, hurricanes, or severe storms to locate victims in need of help, and to understand the scope of the damage in order to best direct their resources to those areas that need them most.

Where there are emergency situations that present a danger to emergency response personnel, drones can supplement the need for exposing colleagues to unnecessary harm.

Drones are also often used to carry out search and rescue missions where a high vantage point is beneficial without having to use helicopters.

It is vital that you have gorgeous photos of your properties and this is one of those scenarios when it pays to bring in the professionals. You will now be able to provide prospective clients with a truly understandable perspective of their new home.

Our equipment is quiet and unimposing and captures 20-megapixel images and HDR video providing high-resolution photographs and videos that capture the true presence of the property and its grounds. No longer will you be restricted to the ground when taking property photos or limited by restricted access for cherry pickers and the like.

Our drones are self-stabilising and are equipped with proximity sensors that prevent collisions making our service quick, safe and simple with no residual effects on the property. As required by law we carry public liability insurance.

We pride ourselves on being respectful of privacy while carrying out missions and presentable for face to face encounters.